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reflections on love and life

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Toronto born poet, Oneal Walters, attended York University majoring in film and minoring in poetry, during which he created and published Frozen Stare (2000, The Plowman). Between schooling came The Age Begins (2005, The Age Begins). Four years later he re-entered school to study marketing at Humber College. With his schooling complete Oneal was able to sit down and publish Frozen Stare: the Childhood of a Young Poet (2010, The Age Begins).

Since publishing that first book of poetry 11 years ago Oneal has been rising in the world of poets. His first book Frozen Stare gave him the confidence to enter and win the Sky Blue Waters Poetry Competition, Merit Award (2000, 2001) two years in a row and again in 2003. Oneal also received an honorary mention in the 2001 Plowman Monthly Poetry Contest. His hard work yet again paid off when he did an interview for CKRG 89.9FM Radio Glendon in 2003.

Oneal's second book; The Age Begins brought even more success. But his main success can be seen upon the launch of his most recent book. Frozen Stare: the Childhood of a Young Poet sparked more interviews, published poems and articles and online posts by other writers. Most notably, Oneal made the cover of FutuReale Magazine in 2010. He was the "First author/writer/poet on the cover of FutuReale Magazine EVER!" FutuReale also published his poem; The Only One, interviewed Oneal and published some of his articles. He was the Contributing Staff Poet from December 2010 to April 2011.

In Oneal's words; "I'm a creative person I like all forms of writing. I prefer writing poetry because it's an art form that allows me to express so much in a little bit of space."

We can all tell that Oneal Walters is a poet that will continue to create, inspire and rise, bringing poetry into the lime light and opening doors for other poets as he goes. If you would like to learn more about Oneal's publications, events and why he loves poetry keep reading.

Getting Personal with Oneal Walters

I'm a creative person I like all forms of writing. I prefer writing poetry because it's an art form that allows me to express so much in a little bit of space. I recall reading poetry by T.S Eliot that was three and more pages. There is a need to express oneself. I prefer to do it in a shorter way. Much like a tv commercial, I want to intro my purpose right away and hopefully this purpose can enrich your life. In grade 11, English class was when I performed my first poem. We were given the choice to present an original poem or to find one from a book. I wanted to write the poem but didn't like to do speeches. The poem had to be read or memorized in front of the class. I created a poem called, Good Bye, and the reaction to this poem gave birth to the poet that was within me. I would write on every topic. Poems I still have today but won't publish. At York University, I majored in films studies. Here my poetry changed. My love for watching the interaction and relationship of people became dominant in my poetry. This was the beginning of my evolution, most Canadian poets at the time were writing about landscapes. Since I focused on people I stood out. I became widely published in their student newspapers. York University had a positive effect on my writing. I bought books from Chapters. I borrowed books from the library. An amazing joy that I receive comes from my publication, OW News. Our goal has been to publish the most talented poets of North America. We have published the best around the world. I publish poetry because I'm a fan of beautiful poetry. Our publication has become a community for today's most gifted poets. We published poets from September 2009 to January 2012. After the reaction of the poem from high school, after being widely published among York University, there was yet another influence. Throughout my life women have talking about being abused and hurt in their relationships. As an author I wrote about this in my book, The Age Begins, for the purpose of providing a voice for the unheard. And in doing so many women responded. So as long as there is one girl abused or raped my poetry remains relevant. And I will be there to inspire her into freedom. And this year women poets are commenting on abused women.