Oneal Walters
reflections on love and life

Cover art designed by Christina Wald

The Age Begins by Oneal Walters is a “journal” on various relationships from lust to love. These poems of the young poet begin with an intimacy that is found within short term relationships. Later he becomes unsatisfied, feeling incomplete with these relationships. A yearning for love develops within his heart and mind. His spirit begins a search for love and to be loved. Uncover the personal side of Oneal Walters as you read his reflections on love and life.

Who I Am

I don’t avoid her tears
I listen and expand how she feels

I don’t bury her pain
I translate the language of a crying heart

I don’t wrestle with flesh or blood
I speak spirit to spirit.

Here's what Book Reviewers have to say:

“Each piece in this collection unrelentingly reminds us how strong and powerful love is, and at times temporary, fragile and changing.”
-From OOSA Online Book Club

“The love poems of this self-proclaimed 'Love Poet' are deeply sensual and explore the pleasures and pain of intimate relationships which he says "continue to inspire" him.”
-From Chapter and Verse

“Walters shows that true intimacy and desire can only awaken with the bonding of two spirits.”
-From Up The Stair Case

“The Age Begins is a poetic assemblage that shows, through verse and concept, the story of a working man who is also a struggling, educated poet. From “Born Again” to “Finding Pleasure” to “A Special Proceeding”, Walters gives the reader a candid peak inside of a poet’s perspective.”
-From Joey Reviews

Additional Book Information:

Explanation of the book's artwork By Oneal Walters

"The back cover shows a boiling world and the ground is cracked; this world is not a liveable place. The front cover shows footprints to a castle. The footprints represent a journey that leads away from a dying, boiling world, or a world in a state of recession, to a place of prosperity and life, hence the title The Age Begins.
Life is shown in the grass, trees and brushes. The two camels are a symbol of love. The back and front cover illustrates what you are going to get inside the book.
The idea for this book is that we have to transition from what is dying to get to what is life. Continuing on this thought, we begin in a dying state and must move towards what is most beneficial for us. The title, The Age Begins, is statement for everyone. We have to begin to move in the direction that is life. "
-From Joey's Review Interview

Content: 49 Poems
Pages: 71
ISBN: 0-9738573-0-7

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