Oneal Walters
reflections on love and life

Cover art designed by Christina Wald

Frozen Stare (the Childhood of a Young Poet) is an account of the thoughts of a child who lives in a community that doesn't provide opportunity. As Oneal creates his ambitions and opposes how the world works, he stands alone among his peers. A detail-driven-story continues with him as a young adult who masters his strengths and faces his uncertainties to produce a change for his life.

Oneal Walters has been interviewed on 105.5FM on "News Now" with radio Host Lady Loxx, "Poetic Monthly Radio Show" with Host Martin White, and, on CKRG 89.9FM Radio Glendon.

Oneal has also received several poetry awards for his poems.

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Author: Oneal Walters
Cover Designed: Christina Wald
Published: July 1st, 2010
Country: Canada
Page count: 60

Excerpt from Frozen Stare:

Dying Without a Future

There are violent falls;
wet snow covers the floors of the buildings
so residents slip and fall
under a sign that reads: icy floor.
The doors are ignorantly left
open by rebellious residents to the landlord's policy.
He raises the rent and this causes fierce arguments.

It is a rundown complex of three buildings
united with happy children
that always play outside.
The parents have strong moral values.

The women are abandoned as mothers early in life,
because Adam dared to taste the forbidden fruit.
The hearts of the young men become hard
and some are cruel to each other,
as the Egyptian Pharaoh was to the Israelites.
They become violent because they lack
the opportunity to discover their hidden talents.

Ridge truly needs a lot of self-improvements.
The elderly in the community need to smile
at the younger kids instead of hurling
venomous insults.
Something needs to happen for these young people
or they will cease; mentally, financially, and physically.
They are dying without a future!



Blurb for Frozen Stare by Oneal Walters
By Cheryl Antao-Xavier, poet and publisher

Oneal Walters' third book Frozen Stare retraces his formative years as a youth growing up in a troubled neighborhood in Toronto's west-end. Graphic poems and photographs of former hangouts track this 'childhood revisited'. The poems are honest reflections of a man who has moved on and out of the world of his youth, yet in many respects carries that world with him, indelibly etched in memory. Hard lessons and impressions of vulnerable, formative years lodge in our subconscious to define who we become as adults, how we act and react as individuals. A fighter, a victim, a survivor - we walk on in life bearing scars - visible and invisible - of the past. The poems in Frozen Stare chip away the crusted exterior of maturity, to reflect on the defining moments of the author's past, of a youth when trust was nipped early, hurts lodged like burrs in the psyche, and young love was intense and image-defining. Frozen Stare is a poetic journey that reveals much about the writer in the words and in between the lines. Of why he is what he is today - the unique perspective, the caring sensibility and most especially the survivor's tenacity in taking charge and making good of one's own life. Readers across the demographic strata of class and race and creed will catch glimpses of their own journey in this poetic passage through a 'childhood revisited'.


My Book Review of "Frozen Stare: The Childhood of a Young Poet" By Oneal Walters

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 8:26pm On a rainy, Summer's eve, I curled up on my comfy couch with a new book and a tall glass of raspberry iced tea. The title of the book was "Frozen Stare: The Childhood of a Young Poet," by Oneal Walters and published in 2010 by The Age Begins Books.

At first glance, Mr. Walter's book appears to be a nice collection of poety based on his childhood. But, once his readers get past the Table of Contents, they will be pleasantly surprised to see a photograph of Mr. Walters posing in front of a doorway. And all of a sudden, Mr. Walters becomes a real person, not just an author, but a nice, clean-cut, handsome young man who wants to share his memories and photographs with his future readers. How wonderfully creative. Poetic pictures tell a true story.

Mr. Walters takes the reader on a poetic and visual journey to where he was born and raised in Canada; talking about his neighbors, friendships, family, senior citizens, values, poverty and lack of inspiration causing people to never see a future down the road. This leads the reader to a spectacular, heartfelt, emotional poem called "All Alone". In "All Alone", a young Oneal Walters, became what is usually referred to as a "latch key" child. No one is home at 3 p.m. to greet him until much later in the afternoon. So, young Oneal Walters must always remember to carry his housekey with him and allow no strangers in the house. Left to fend for himself, he hides under the covers of his bed and pretends to be dead.

But have no fear, Mr. Walters does have happy memories of playing tag with his friends, running in the snow and dreaming of greatness!!! The reader gets to walk in young Oneal's shoes, feel his joy and pain, his sense of pride, his need to be loved/accepted, and his desire to enrich his life with education. This is displayed by pictures of his Junior High School and York University.

Mr. Walters beckons to the reader to grow up with him, watch him progress to a young man, to discover young ladies, and dream of his own future. He could be anyone's son.....yours or mine!!! Think about that and pray for Mr Walters to find his niche in life.

Every parent needs to buy this book because each poem and picture tells a real story.
Every young man needs to buy this book because it will lead him in the right direction.
Every library should have this book in its catalog.'

It was an honor to review this very well written book, I recommend it highly. I proudly give it Five Gold Stars!!!!

My name is Irene Brodsky
Faculty Member of Brooklyn College City University of New York
Teacher of Philosophy - Adult Education Program
Author of "Poetry Unplugged" & "The Adventures of Silly Kitty, Princess Jasmine & First Puppy"


Frozen Stare - Review
By Angy Moray

As the name of the book suggests, most of the poems delve on the childhood and early youth of a poet. The poems are more realistic and contemporary contrasting the rhyme and melody we tend to search in poems by instinct. However, that doesn't necessarily have to be true all the time. As an example, the poem "In love with her" describes in metaphorical spirit, how the poet found poetry and was elevated. Overall, the book seems to be a collection of poems picked up at different times and moods in the chambers of the poet's memory.

The language is simple. The elements do not sound flamboyant or carry excessive flair. One thing that stands out is the stark sincerity of a voice that is trying to grow up from within a cage. Almost every poem has a cry of anguish, of a spirit that is observing every single moment of its growth and evolution as if there is nothing else that life means than to evolve. This evolution as the poems suggest, is not without its own troubles or difficulties. It is not without its faults.

Two recurrent themes have been part of almost all the poems. The first one is the curiosity of the poet that is inherent and instinctive. The poet is trying to explore various realms of school life, friendship, fashion and adulthood. Some make sense to the poet while others do not. The other element is a hint of rebellion towards society. There is a touch of sadness or disillusion that has been attached to society in general and the school in specific, which is not painted as an attractive or interesting place to frequent. Curiosity and questioning are what characterize thinking people and there is apt demonstration of that in the poems.

The poems run through a person's growth period. In the poems, there was a child that felt emotions like the boredom of school and the love for basketball. There were references to adulthood with some romantic descriptions of the first encounters with the opposite gender. There were some moral issues raised too, about single mother's pains, the irresponsibility of abandoning children etc. All in all, it is a book that, to a greater extent, voices the anxious, curious and nervous spirit of a child growing into an adult and observing his evolution. That is good, because most poems do depict curiosity towards some element of nature.


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